Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010! I hope you are just as friendly!

Some of the exciting things from 2009... a big year for the people in my house!
- Nerd Al and I got married after 13 years together,
- My beautiful bunny Suki La turned 4 and handed out loads of kisses and cuddles
- We went on our honeymoon to Thailand (with friends - did i mention Nerd Al and I have been together for 13 years and are quite excited to hang out with our friends too?? hehe I heard this trend of meeting friends on your honeymoon is becoming more popular!)
- We adopted a beautiful gibon for rehabilitation, our gibon's name is "Songkran"... i'm sure many others have also sponsored Songkran... as long as the money is going to gibons its all good:)
- I discovered the world of towel art. See if you can spot two sets of swans and a pair of elephants!
- We went to the island of Phi Phi in Thailand (lovely for photos... not so lovely for fresh water)
- I knitted a lot of booties....
- I crafted... I crafted so much i got to be in "Handmade in Melbourne" with lots of my lovely etsy friends:)
- I rediscovered Melbourne's grafitti... and how much i like to take pictures of it... and doors... pretty doors....
- We sold our first house! And bought a new block which we are trying to build on!
- My only niece turned 1, learnt to walk and has possibly said my name! But she could have said banana... not entirely sure... so similar...
- I started an obsession with Japanese maples... I now have 3... and they are very excitedly growing!
- I started growing succulent babies:))
- I found the joy of edging hole punches that make your paper look lacey. And hence... new packaging! hehe

These are only some of my excitements... what a big year! Hopefully 2010 will be just as exciting!:)
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  1. Oh I love Japnese Maples too, oh sounds like you have a fabulous year, and I hope your that 2010 is ten million times better!

  2. oh lacey paper edging, hmmm, sounds pretty!

  3. What a great idea to do a photo collage. Looks like a fab year. Party on in 2010...

  4. you had such an exciting 2009! So lovely reading back what you've done! I think 2010 will be bigger and better for you! xxxxxxx


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