Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Love Love LOVE IT!

This comes from Houzz, here.

I love this craft room. Look at that fabric storage. Beautiful. Look the dress form is dressed. My dress form, Patsy, is in storage... she is nude....

From here.

May be I just need to fold it better?

From here.

Hehe one of my favourite ever studios!

From here..

What about this one?? May be a bit neat for me:)

Hmmmm must go and work on my own craft room... will try to make it look more like these... less like the picture of my fabric stash in the last post!

Which is your favourite?



  1. Oh goodness Im so jealous!!! They are so pretty.

    I cant wait until I live in a non-rental house and actually make things the way I would like.

    Gaby xoxo

  2. I would like that first room, along with the collection of fabrics, thank you!

    My stash passes through various stages of neatness, and it and my workroom are in various parts of the house. Have a look for yourself -

  3. I'd take any one of them please. They are all so pretty

  4. wish I coud convice my kids to all share the same room so I could have a sewing room :D I'll have to up my slow take over of the lounge room this year I think1 Good luck doing yours up


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