Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wedding count down... 4 days!

I thought i'd share some more of my wedding craftiness...

These cushions are made out of the fabric I hand screenprinted alll by myself! hehe gocco my friend! I wanted it to be super subtle. Because at the venue there are some many things to look at! no need to add hundreds more!

These are the bridesmaides gifty things... except the cardigan... i just made the pretty flowers:) I made three of then bridesmaids bags, waiting for gifting:) See, I used the amy butler weekend bag pattern.. because we are going away for the weekend for the wedding see! Thought out and stuff see:) hehe
The tin has all their sashes, bows, jewellery and hair flowers! Yay!

Lovely:) More tomorrow maybe?:)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ARRRrrrr a pirate party for me... :)

So this is the latest photo I have of nerd al and myself. Attending none other than Nerd Al's sister Lucy's Pirate Party, at the family boatshed. You can also see on the right is Josh, Lucy's boyfriend and our friend. Yes he grew that facial hair for the event. Oh and my parrot. Inflatable parrot. How can you go wrong.

Hehe:) A lot of rum was involved. A lot. Nerd Al does not have a pirate's alcohol tolerance...:)
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