Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to school rush..

Every school holidays I have a to do list... an extensive to do list. This holidays I only did one thing off my to do list. I feel very much like I have really failed at being productive this holidays!
But I really haven't!
I have alll most finished planning the wedding.. which is on the 4th of April. So coming up soon!

I am making bridemaid dresses right now! It is a challenge to fit them to the three very different girls! You can see them later when they are in the wedding:)

So although I haven't painted the fence... I have made 12 table runners ? Does that count?:)

I thought I would show you another reason why I haven't finished hardly any jobs on my to do list:) This is my niece, she lives around the corner and I visit her often:) Thats me holding her, she is wearing the suit I made for her before she was born... obviously i didn't think so much about the seasons when i made it... or about the fact that she could have been a boy?

She is the first and only baby in our family and I do love to give her a cuddle:) We are going to go to the beach later today:) This picture was from my Mum's birthday at the beach - the people in the background are my future parents-in-law and me:)

She loves the beach - oh course like everyone she hates getting in... but once she is in... she splashes around a bit and then has a little nana nap in her floaty ring. As you can see :)

She is a cutey:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first treasury:)

After wondering about treasuries for so long I actually got one today! I made it on the spot using favourites from a mostly wedding related theme because I think both me and my fiance are both now starting to get a bit excited about the wedding:)
So I may blog a little bit about it:) It's just what's happening in my life right now!

This is my treasury from today - I can't wait to make a new one:)
I wanted to explain why i chose the images:)
1. Is from the wonderful seller "hellomyfriend", I made wonderful purchases from her which come BEAUTIFULLY wrapped. Her brand identity is really strong and wonderfully cute:) I love this love heart:) It is super cute!
2. When I first started thinking about my wedding I wanted either me or my bridesmaids to wear these (for the cold dandenongs weather!) but now they don't actually match any of our dresses! But I still love it:)
3. I have been so inspired by myrakim from twigs and honey in her beautiful hair flowers and style, I intend to create hair flowers for my beautiful bridesmaids and myself:) I would have had myrakim's but she seems to be so busy!
4. I love that gorgeous blue and purple dress! It is just so beautiful.
5. I am getting one of lillyella's beautiful bracelets made for my wedding day:) She is designing it specially:) I am realllly excited:) I was in Myer yesterday and we were looking at jewellery to wear - i ended up with hair bling and earrings for the bridesmaids but i couldn't imagine wearing any of the jewellery I saw. But when I saw this one! It was the perfect style:) The designer is planning her own wedding too so that is exciting:)
6. I need to buy some cool lace for my cupcake stand:) This would be perfect!
7. Succulents the same as these are going to be used through out our wedding. Possibly in the bouquets but also on all of the tables in the form of decoration/favour/place card:)
8. I just love this designer and all her dresses:)
9.I look the style of these earrings by realisationcreations. Simple and elegant:)
10. I am wearing silver shoes and using a silver bag:) This one is super cute too:)
11. Again with the succulent thing!
12. This dress was one that I really really loved and I looked for something similar when I was looking for my dress:)

I hope you like my treasury:)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New year:)

What resolutions should I aim for thsi year?

WELL! According to all these people this is apparently my BIGGEST year.. because I am getting married... here .... Glen Harrow Cottages in Belgrave, behind Puffing Billy.

And although that is all very exciting and as it comes closer I am more excited. Unlike mum who is now a little bit panicing... but I don't really know that it makes it my biggest year... I mean I have been with Nerd Al for 12 years now!

May be it is my brother-in-law's sister's year? She got engaged last night. Congratulations:) All very lovely on their anniversary with her Nana's wedding ring. Lovely Lovely.

But I think this year I am going to work on de-cluttering:) De-cluttering everything! My house, my brain, my supplies, my wardrobe, my superannuation funds (that's right MULTIPLE). I am planning to streamline... streamline everything! Including myself! Hehehe that's my resolution. Organise to be more together:)

Let's just see how that goes:)

Hehehe there goes my dinner in the microwave - my plan to streamline begins! Lite 'n' easy for dinner:)

I made this today, not for me. For KatelynG! I like the button and colours:)

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