Monday, November 8, 2010

How to grow yourself a new collection:)

Sometimes things are looking a little shabby in the old succulent department... These little bubbies haven't really been well loved in sometime... sitting under the eaves with no water and a lot of sun... mistake! They have become a little misformed and somewhat crispy!
So this is the perfect occasion to do some succulent maintainence... Now I must tell you, this is the way I've been doing this for nearly 2 years, so it may not be the most effective way but it is my way...
So first you need the things above -
- Succulent and cacti potting mix (this gives the best result... although i have used normal potting mix and at one point even straight compost...)
- Somewhat overgrown succulents
- Seed raising tray (Not always essential I guess... but I think it helps the process a bit)
The seed raising tray below is one of mine... it is a bunnings one... my friend got similar at aldi for 1/3 of the price so if you see them there snap up a couple! I have another one but it's just not as pretty... also from bunnings..

First step is to fill the little holes with the potting mix, usually nearly all the way up to the top!

Then find some weird looking succulents that need some maintainence...

This first one is not so weird, it just has some extra babies hanging off its side... Perfect! 

This next one went weird and long... trim that back... will see what happens there... haven't ever cut the main stem off before.. usually I would take that extra little bubby one out of the middle...

This one also had long bits... and a flower coming! But the flower needs to be removed if the succulent is going to grow more successfully this season! Also I did some pruning...

Found this little selection on the footpath after someone tore it off a bush.

Next step is to snip off the babies and pruning bits so there is a little bit to stick in the dirt:) Luckily these ones have little roots as well.  They could have probably just have gone straight in a pot with the root system, but they are very tiny for a pot!
(At this point better homes and gardens man would have left them in the sun to form a callous on the cut so they don't rot.. but i have never done this.. not sure how much more successful it would be..)

Then just pop them in the dirt!

Then after maintaining a couple of plants you will end up with a little tray of loveliness like this:) I have two trays of lovelies right now! And in about 6 weeks they will be ready for planting in pots or you could pop them in the garden... or whatever!:)

Goodluck with your future succulent garden collection!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

We've been feeling a litttttle under the weather....

I have been absent from my blog... my sister reminded me... apparently she is no longer interested in my paint work lesson?

May be these will explain something? Our little Suki-La has been a little under the weather! She went to the special bunny vet and they were very very excellent! But unfortunately the antibiotics she was given didn't agree with her and she stopped eating or drinking:( Resulting in a number of vet visits, a cage to go in when in the car, force feeding every two hours and a day in bunny hospital!

Poor bunny! No wonder she felt like this ....

And then just as she was starting to feel a little more like this.....

She had to go back to the vet again to sort out her first issue! The sneezing! So she had to have her tear ducts flushed with antibiotics.... it made her very unhappy:(

Although now just to ease all your minds, the lovely Suki-La is feeling much better and is fine with getting cold antibiotic drops in her eyes twice a day, especially when broccoli follows! She is also enjoying her new delicious green diet:)

Super cute.

Suki sends her love and kisses:)
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