Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Vintage Kimono Clutch Giveaway:)

So this week I have a vintage kimono clutch sample to giveaway!

Breakfast friends Clutch is made of gorgeous metallic vintage obi fabric. The obi is the part that goes around the middle of the kimono.
The clutch has two pockets and a magnetic clasp. It is perfect of a night out or if you can travel light, everyday use!
The clutch can easily fit a phone, lip gloss, cards, cash and more! It measures 18cm(approx 7.5in) by 10cm(4in). It is made of vintage repurposed fabric and so may have small areas of age or wear. This clutch was one of the samples I made while perfecting the final product, this one is not padded.

Super cute and super limited quanitities are made in each fabric:)

I use my clutch everyday! Super useful:)

So if you would like to enter leave a post for each of these!

- Go to my etsy store, bobishi, and tell me what your most favourite item is!
- Spread the word about the giveaway, twitter, blog, facebook.... whatever!
- Follow my blog! Or if you already follow it you count it too!:)

Then leave me a comment, a separate one for each entry and Suki will draw the winner out of a hat on the 11th of February! Make sure there is a way for me to contact you so I can tell you that you have won!


iPhone cozy WINNER!:)

And the winner as chosen by the honourable chooser Suki-La - Inkie-Mumma! YAY!!!:)
Here is the super professional and totally random process! Only made possible by the rabbit drawing the winner out of a hat... who can not read.. and therefore is best! hehe See the nibble marks??

The Judge.... looking all judgey chooser.

Judgey chooser behaving in a not entirely interested manner... more interested in napping in afternoon sun...

Judgey Chooser indulges in snuffling in hat.

Winner is chosen!!

Judgey Chooser Suki-La presenting the winner! YAY! Success! hehe

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia day!

From here.

Happy Australia day! I must say I don't enjoy this Australia-wide public holiday celebration quite as much as most people... because every year it symbolises the end of my summer holidays.... 5 weeks of lovely time off is over:( Especially this year! Back at work the day after Australia day! Bah! But all the same. Happy Australia Day! I hope you had a lovely day off:)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last week of the holidays...

Oh what a lovely week. Starting off with seeing a brand new foal, only 4 days old! And then the giant horse Justice who was quite stampy... but also quite the licker. Can you see his tongue?? Trying to lick Al.. hehe
Then I made clutches out of vintage Japanese Obi material. Obis are the thing that goes around the middle of the kimono. They are stronger fabric:) I got lots of metallic obis to make clutches out of:)
Of course we went to Barleycorn Brewery again to bottle Al's birthday beer. Which has been deemed a success! And they will do it again! What fun hehe:)
I spent today eating delicious blueberries and replanting my succulent babies into bigger pots and growing new roots on little baby succulents!
I also found a flower on my strawberry plants! My friend Lenny showed us how to pollenate the flower and now we are super excited for a strawberry to grow! I also repotted my tomatoes, so hopefully they will be way happier in their new home!

And of course I hung out with my bunny:) Suki-la! Chillaxing on the couch. What a dag. She thinks she is human.
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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My recent purchase...

I love these posters. I need one at work nearly every day! And when I saw one of my lovely etsy friends had purchased one from the Hearts for Haiti etsy store I thought I would support the lovely seller poshpixels by purchasing one from them:) It's printable. I can put them everywhere. All over the house. All over my desk... everywhere.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bobishi iPhone cozy giveaway!

So. I made many iPhone covers!
I though one of you guys might like this one? So frilly:)

To enter my giveaway you can do any or all of these!

- Go to my etsy store, bobishi, and tell me what your most favourite item is!
- Spread the word about the giveaway, twitter, blog, facebook.... whatever!
- Follow my blog! Or if you already follow it you count it too!:)

Then leave me a comment, a separate one for each entry and I will draw the winner out of a hat on the 27th of January! Make sure there is a way for me to contact you so I can tell you that you have won!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I had a lovely day:)

Pic from here.

Thanks for taking me to Kyo and to see the foal Nerd al! And for feeding bunny it made her happy.

p.s. That big horse licked you and it made me laugh.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Potato Salad with Caramelised Onion

Ok:) You can have the recipe! hehe it is yum:) We just ate the rest...

So you will need -

6 Red Onions
1.2kg of washed potatoes
5 slices of rindless bacon
About 1 tablespoon ish of fresh chives plus some to garnish
2 Tablespoons of dijon mustard
250mls of whole egg mayonaise
2 Tablespoons of Sour cream
Juice of 1 lemon
2 Tablespoons of oil

1. Slice onions thinishly. Heat up oil in a heavy based pan on lowish medium heat then pop in the oinions for about 40minutes, stirring occasionally until caramelised.
2. Chop potatos into chunks and put into boiling water for about 10 minutes or until they are squishy enough to poke your fork in but still firm.
3. Put bacon slices in the griller to crisp up and cook- I put mine on baking paper on a baking tray to saving scrubbing the griller or the tray too much! After the bacon is cooked and is cooling, just rip it up into smallish bits.
4. Combine the cooked potato and caramelised onion in a big bowl with your chopped fresh chives. I cut these with scissors in to the bowl.
5. Whisk the mayo, mustard, sour cream and lemon juice in another bowl until smoothly mixed. Combine this with the potato and onion mix.
6. Pour into your serving bowl and top with bacon bits and then scissor chopped bits of chives.

Eat it all! hehe Yum.
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Saturday, January 16, 2010

What have you been up to?

It has been very hot. So we spent 4 nights down at the boat shed... unfortunately tourism is up 25% on the Mornington Peninsula and I believe all of the extra 25% have decided to park their beach selves infront of the boatshed.... and then at the fish and chip shop at dinner time...

I babysat my lovely niece. Who is just starting toilet training. Of course this means she gets new undies. 7 Pairs. These must alllll be worn at once!

Nerd Al and his friends went brew their own beer at Barleycorn Brewery. They have made the "Asapi (yes that is correct) Super Dry" which they can bottle next week end! ... After brewing their beer they went go karting! Nerd Al won the fastest lap... he was proud. I was the designated driver.... and still had a lovely time:)

And I cut up many onions to make a delicious caramelised onion, bacon and potato salad for my sisters 30th birthday dinner:) Happy OLD lady birthday! hehe!

Other than that... there has been some sitting down... and some working and my new project! May be I will show you that tomorrow:)
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh my gosh. What service! Look at my chairs!

I purchased these chairs this morning on ebay from a local store .... Rustique - their website is here and their ebay is here, and the man delivered them for me this afternoon! I went to visit their store about lunch time because I was just so excited and I explained I couldn't get them today without my trailor so he drove them down! YAY! In 3 hours later no less!

My chairs are locally made and SUPER comfy! I have tried them both!

And this is the next thing I will be doing in my chairs... reading Frankie and Peppermint. I am excited! hehe

And look at those flowers! My sister in law is a florist and she works at BalFlower in Balnarring. After a fruitless search for some nice flowers yesterday (the only ones i found were all skanky) I rang her yesterday to check if she was working and could I buy some lovely flowers. She bought these lovely ones home for me! Hehe so cute:) She even chose them for me! She said that at the moment most florists have skanky flowers at the moment because the growers are on holidays, but at BalFlower the boss man goes to the flower market twice a week so they have lovely fresh! And as you can see - always interesting - as well as standard flowers!

My life is practically complete. Good chairs, good reading and nice flowers. What more could a girl want?:)

Yay! New chairs!

I have been saving all my coins in my savings owl money box for outdoor chairs. Today I found on ebay my favourite shop in Mornington which is closed right now selling the exact chairs I wanted at an excellent price! And i can pick them up from 15 minutes away! It is great.

So I bought them. hehe

I probably won't put mine on the beach like this with the table and the vases because they would be a bit heavy to carry down there... but I definately think they might need me to make some cute cushions for them!:) Yay! For outdoor chairs!

I would like to put cushions like this on them ....

Which are available at dedeestsyshop, and she has so many other gorgeous cushions!

But unfortunately this house has a small issue with spiders and I can just see myself sitting on the chair and a lovely nasty spider crawling over my shoulder. AAAAAHHHHH! hehe

So! I may be I will screen print some cushions in a nice thick canvasy fabric. Yes. I think that is definately what I will do!

Now to arrange a trailor to pick up my chairs!:)

Have a lovely day!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New House Plans

We are building a new house. This is our second house plan for the block the first was a one storey. But because it is a wee bit slopey it is better to go for a two story so we aren't living 2metres underground... literally.

We also have to bring the front of the house bit forward 1.2metres to meet the rules of the development we are building in. So the Living room and possibly the ensuite will be 1.2m bigger! MASSIVE. Who is going to clean this house?

Despite the giant McMansion house I want to create a nicer feeling inside. This is not actually our dream house - we who love to buy a little old house and renovate it. But unfortunately not possible down here on the Mornington Peninsula! Beach houses are just way tooooo cool to be in our price range! So McMansion here we go! These images show the type of feeling I would like to create in our new house!

I love flowers.... hehe all those images are from here. WHich is an awesome place to look at beautiful images! I put print them all out and gaze at them all day!

Do you have a favourite one?

Love Love LOVE IT!

This comes from Houzz, here.

I love this craft room. Look at that fabric storage. Beautiful. Look the dress form is dressed. My dress form, Patsy, is in storage... she is nude....

From here.

May be I just need to fold it better?

From here.

Hehe one of my favourite ever studios!

From here..

What about this one?? May be a bit neat for me:)

Hmmmm must go and work on my own craft room... will try to make it look more like these... less like the picture of my fabric stash in the last post!

Which is your favourite?


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today was a lovely day:)

Today I woke up to a message inviting me out for a hot chocolate at my favourite local hot chocolate location Biscottini. It has what I would descibe as the BEST hot chocolate in Mornington. Which is quite the cafe town!:)

Then I went for a walk along the Marina with my Mum and Dad. Then straight to the cafe! I caved in the hot weather and had a delicious iced chocolate! Yum.

I came home and made this bag and popped it in my etsy store.

I am trying to get through my stash of special fabrics before I buy anymore fabrics! And of course..... I must buy more... more fabric... i want it. i must have it. But this is my exploding fabric stash... exploding out into the room. I wish i had my normal fabric storage which is much neater and nicer looking than my bookshelf stuffed with fabric!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New cutey booties!

I love making booties:) They make me super happy when I line them up in a row! hehe these are some new fuzzy and non-fuzzy booties I have just listed in my etsy store. I have a new batch to pop up on etsy tomorrow! It is a happy day!
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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Developing a Green Thumb...

It's true. It's very strange. I have developed somewhat of a green thumb. Mum says it runs in the family... I don't know about this! I think you just want what you can't have! hehe because we are renting I can't really plant anything and the garden consists of some grasses and a fig tree and some palm type tree! And a lot of lovely decking and a shed and some gravel.

So I seem to have taken up putting stuff in pots and growing things! I have taken a few pictures because i am ridiculously excited about the lettuce, basil and coriander seeds i planted on Christmas day which are ALREADY coming out! The chives are a little slower and haven't come out....

Mixed Lettuce...
Coriander (nerd al hates coriander!)

And my beautiful strawberries in their special hangy planter thingy... 9 plants. All still living.

I scored these baby tomato plants at the end of the year from school. The school where I teach has a farm where the kids learn about agriculture and horticulture. Someone didn't want their tomato plants so I got them!! I haven't replanted them yet.. but one is growing 3 tomatoes! YAY! They are supposed to be Roma tomatoes.

And my succulents:) My babies. These are some I have replanted in some vintage teacups!:)

And that is some of my garden!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Goodbye 2009! Hello 2010! I hope you are just as friendly!

Some of the exciting things from 2009... a big year for the people in my house!
- Nerd Al and I got married after 13 years together,
- My beautiful bunny Suki La turned 4 and handed out loads of kisses and cuddles
- We went on our honeymoon to Thailand (with friends - did i mention Nerd Al and I have been together for 13 years and are quite excited to hang out with our friends too?? hehe I heard this trend of meeting friends on your honeymoon is becoming more popular!)
- We adopted a beautiful gibon for rehabilitation, our gibon's name is "Songkran"... i'm sure many others have also sponsored Songkran... as long as the money is going to gibons its all good:)
- I discovered the world of towel art. See if you can spot two sets of swans and a pair of elephants!
- We went to the island of Phi Phi in Thailand (lovely for photos... not so lovely for fresh water)
- I knitted a lot of booties....
- I crafted... I crafted so much i got to be in "Handmade in Melbourne" with lots of my lovely etsy friends:)
- I rediscovered Melbourne's grafitti... and how much i like to take pictures of it... and doors... pretty doors....
- We sold our first house! And bought a new block which we are trying to build on!
- My only niece turned 1, learnt to walk and has possibly said my name! But she could have said banana... not entirely sure... so similar...
- I started an obsession with Japanese maples... I now have 3... and they are very excitedly growing!
- I started growing succulent babies:))
- I found the joy of edging hole punches that make your paper look lacey. And hence... new packaging! hehe

These are only some of my excitements... what a big year! Hopefully 2010 will be just as exciting!:)
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Packages! New mail!

Yay! I love a new package in the mail! hehe
These are two of the packages that arrived in my mail box in the last few days!

First was the lovely giveaway prize that arrived in my mailbox from Viv at ishandchi and of course dandi who made them! I have them in my craft room sitting on my shelf but I don't think that is where they will permanently live! I am of course working on using the materials in my craft room so I can streamline the moving process - i have two more house move in the next ..oooooo 7 months or so??

But before the school holidays while the dollar was good i thought i should invest in some fabrics and get them sent from the US where they are nice and cheap... this is them! They are soo pretty:)
I can wait to finish the custom job i am working on right now so I can start using all my fabrics!:)

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