Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New House Plans

We are building a new house. This is our second house plan for the block the first was a one storey. But because it is a wee bit slopey it is better to go for a two story so we aren't living 2metres underground... literally.

We also have to bring the front of the house bit forward 1.2metres to meet the rules of the development we are building in. So the Living room and possibly the ensuite will be 1.2m bigger! MASSIVE. Who is going to clean this house?

Despite the giant McMansion house I want to create a nicer feeling inside. This is not actually our dream house - we who love to buy a little old house and renovate it. But unfortunately not possible down here on the Mornington Peninsula! Beach houses are just way tooooo cool to be in our price range! So McMansion here we go! These images show the type of feeling I would like to create in our new house!

I love flowers.... hehe all those images are from here. WHich is an awesome place to look at beautiful images! I put print them all out and gaze at them all day!

Do you have a favourite one?


  1. yay for house plans :)

    love the photos, esp the first & last

  2. I love the first one... what a gorgeous little nook!

    And there's definitely more beach cottage in those images than McMansion ;)
    Can you imagine the fun turning the McMansion into the cottage though??

  3. They are all really sweet images. I love the cosy feeling with natural light streaming in the windows.

    But I too am a real sucker for flowers and that bunch is divine!

  4. Very nice planning for sweet home. I am working with a construction company in my city as a civil engineer. Really very good house you are planing. I thought it will charge a lot but gives you the perfect look. Thanks for sharing.
    r4 ds

  5. i would like a yellow door too and an orange chair to sit on...and a loft kind of ceiling like the first image. So pretty! My kind of home too! xxxxxx

  6. I love the yellow door and the I could just see myself sitting on that comfy couch in the first pic..... definitely a place I would feel at home in!

  7. Looks good Alanna. You can experiment now :)

  8. One of the most popular trends in today's house plans are dedicated laundry rooms and the renewed popularity of pantries. In fact, in my new house we made the mudroom a combination laundry and pantry.


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