Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Why hello friends.

These are my first attempt at amigurumi:) I am learning to crochet... this is helping! I had always wanted to attempt some amigurumi but has always been intimidated! But on the school holidays I decided to work at it for the Queensland flood victim children:) Then when I got back to school I found that a fellow teacher had been flooded out and her children were not coping so well!:( So I decided to make all 4 of them a amigurumi each:) 3 boys and a girl:)
And as a bonus I am using up my wool stash!

This one is my favourite:) Unfortunately I run out of white so her top is a little long.... but its original:)

This little guy took quite a while but turned out cute I think:) Both the above patterns were from Luvlygurumi on etsy:)

These guys are super cute too! I liked learning how to do the alternating leg stripes on the guy from Rosieok on etsy:)

So on completion they all went in this box and off to their new home:) To make some kiddies smile:)

What is going on there??

hmmm... something is happening at our block.... First a tap arrived... then the plumbing went in!

Then the builders sand arrived!... oh gets stuck on your shoes...

Today the concrete reinforcement arrived... and the power box! YAY!:)

Flat sand piles look more exciting from here:)

I am super excited to visit my new house everyday to see the progress:) Although obviously at some point it won't be quite as exciting:) But after more than a year of waiting we are super excited for even this progress! YAY!:)
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