Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yay! New chairs!

I have been saving all my coins in my savings owl money box for outdoor chairs. Today I found on ebay my favourite shop in Mornington which is closed right now selling the exact chairs I wanted at an excellent price! And i can pick them up from 15 minutes away! It is great.

So I bought them. hehe

I probably won't put mine on the beach like this with the table and the vases because they would be a bit heavy to carry down there... but I definately think they might need me to make some cute cushions for them!:) Yay! For outdoor chairs!

I would like to put cushions like this on them ....

Which are available at dedeestsyshop, and she has so many other gorgeous cushions!

But unfortunately this house has a small issue with spiders and I can just see myself sitting on the chair and a lovely nasty spider crawling over my shoulder. AAAAAHHHHH! hehe

So! I may be I will screen print some cushions in a nice thick canvasy fabric. Yes. I think that is definately what I will do!

Now to arrange a trailor to pick up my chairs!:)

Have a lovely day!


  1. SUCH cool chairs, I'd love some here too, except we're a VERY long way from the beach

  2. What a nice place you have put these beautiful chairs of kings world. Really very glorious post from you. Thanks for sharing all beautiful things to me.
    r4 ds


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