Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh my gosh. What service! Look at my chairs!

I purchased these chairs this morning on ebay from a local store .... Rustique - their website is here and their ebay is here, and the man delivered them for me this afternoon! I went to visit their store about lunch time because I was just so excited and I explained I couldn't get them today without my trailor so he drove them down! YAY! In 3 hours later no less!

My chairs are locally made and SUPER comfy! I have tried them both!

And this is the next thing I will be doing in my chairs... reading Frankie and Peppermint. I am excited! hehe

And look at those flowers! My sister in law is a florist and she works at BalFlower in Balnarring. After a fruitless search for some nice flowers yesterday (the only ones i found were all skanky) I rang her yesterday to check if she was working and could I buy some lovely flowers. She bought these lovely ones home for me! Hehe so cute:) She even chose them for me! She said that at the moment most florists have skanky flowers at the moment because the growers are on holidays, but at BalFlower the boss man goes to the flower market twice a week so they have lovely fresh! And as you can see - always interesting - as well as standard flowers!

My life is practically complete. Good chairs, good reading and nice flowers. What more could a girl want?:)


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  2. too clever you. how perfect does that look!

  3. they're gorgeous Alanna, love the flowers to :)

  4. Oh Alana they are too cute. Looks like a wonderful spot to sit and read. Great find

  5. Hey it is very beautiful and chairs for like only king and queen. Very good and sweet post from you.
    r4 ds

  6. Oh they are so lovely Alanna! Great buy! :)


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