Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh its reeeallly early:)

It's really early for a Saturday morning... it is ... 7.30... but in light of my recent going to bed at 7.30-8pm the last two nights I think its ok... I hate going to bed. I'm like small child. I just want to stay up and play with my toys. But recently my arms and legs pain has been forcing mw to be an adult:( But luckily my lovely fiance comes and sits on the bed and plays his laptop while I try to go to sleep:) What a lovely boy:)
So now that I am up early, I am super excited to make things! I want to make something from this book -
It is the best ever book. Well its is equally as good as the first one actually... which is just called Softies. This is the one that has the pattern for the doll my student made in the last post.

So better go make the most of this being up early business and make some things:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sweet Softies:)

This is a lovely softie created from a pattern by Heidi Iverson of H. Luv Fabrications. You can find the pattern "Twinkles" in the "More Softies" book from Penguin Australia.

The maker of the softie is from my Year 8 textiles class who I believe is now hooked with softie making. This was her first and she couldn't wait to start her next one which is just great to see!

How gorgeous are those lovely colours and sweet twisted legs and arms! Shanai learnt lots of new skills and has done pretty well for her first ever softie! Well done!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weird weather!!

Oh the weather is weird today... heaps of rain, which is great because we are in a drought... but a lot of wind... and now it is sunny.... My little Japanese Maple is blowing around like there is no tomorrow.

So I am sitting inside doing all the etsy listings I need to catch up on since I started making resin again! Here is a picture of 4 of my pieces stacked together which is how I like to wear them:) I have a set with lots of different colours which means that I can wear any combination to match whatever I am wearing! Yay! I also like to highlight them with some pearlised pigmentised resin bangles:)

I love the richness of the coppery pearlised pigment... it doesn't match my pasty pale skin though:(
I took these pictures on my lovely "new" antique (although probably not super old) shelf that I got from my local antiques warehouse for just $15! I sanded in back a bit so I didn't get splinters but otherwise left it as it was. I love it:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Long time no see!

I have finished my 16 things... weeks and weeks of 16 a few more things.
This is one of the other things. It is a custom made laptop sleeve in my favourite ever fabric. Anna Maria Horner designed it and it is called Drawing Room Pink Birds. I would have to say it is actually my favourite fabric ever. Usually not so into a pink fabric but this one is beautiful! I may even use it for my wedding in the form of table runners... very excited:)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The day after..

The day after the evening of sanding and polishing. Oh how do you feel you ask? Well I was home alone after all which is a little exciting, but due to the excessive time frame that was required to sand and polish my resin I couldn''t even eat any chocolate! Resin dust is very bad for you so you have to sand with wet and dry sand paper, and obviously water, to minimize the dust. So despite having the wrinkly pruney hands of someone who has been in the bath all day, your hands are covered in a fine film of resin dust. Which of course being really bad for you... you probably shouldn't eat.
So I now have three of the minimum of 11 bangles I need to fill my current resin order - I would like more for the exhibition so I can do some kind of "set" work with matching pieces but of course I will have to see how I go:)
I guess i'm just not as productive as I had planned. My morning was also taken up with investigating cat proof fencing... not to keep my cat in but to keep a neighbour's cat out. Don't get me wrong I love cats, I used to have one. But they love the delicious taste of my housebunny when she is free in the yard... and with the council imposed 24 hour cat curfew mu bunny should be safe! But not from this cat... it has a sneaky skill of walking so its neck bell doesn't ring.. Ohh it made me angry. And a little sad:( Will have to be more careful about letting bunny free in the backyard!

Anyway this is my resin that I spent HOURS sanding and polishing. HOURS.

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