Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Excitement! And cupcakes:)

I mentioned in the etsy Dust Team forum that I was a loser with no followers in my blog except for myself... and they are such lovelies that they have all joined me!
And written comments! I am just so excited!
I love you all!:)
I don't actually have much to show anyone today... except may be... some delicious cupcakes... and they were very delicious despite being mostly full of icing:) They were delicious white chocolate mudcakes with a white chocolate ganache... I'm not good at making these ones.. they are not as foolproof as my chocolate flourless mudcakes... But this is the cupcakes story...

So I decided to impress my mum's side of the family over christmas with my baking wonder... and I thought must try something new... I took the chocolate mud cakes last year... so white chocolate mudcake yes. Sounds good. Or not.
This is what happened when I took them out of the oven to cool-

Those above one could not be saved with my ganache.. as it is super runny... but these -

I just thought I would fix them with these ganache ingredients... just really fill them up... no one would know how ugly they were under the ganache? Right.. Right?

Well you would think so... until I realised they were actually mostly hollow and the ganache got sucked into all the gaps and I could actually see the pink icing all through my delicious cupcakes, through the lovely robert gordan cupcake paper things... they look ok.. although these are the best ones... but you can also see the more manky good ones...

Manky ones -

Needless to say they didn't go to family christmas... my 50 cupcakes in various states of icedness were distributed between my sister, my mum and my fiances work mates...

Oh well.. they tasted good still... but I love icing:) If you are after this recipe and have some skills in the kitchen beyond boiling spaghetti I would be happy to share:)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Holidays are finally here!

It doesn't feel like holidays though. I am feeling very stressed. I have so many things to complete before Christmas day. I will get there though! In my mind I feel that I have one less day than I actually do.
I got the Christmas decorations up finally! And the presents that are ready are wrapped. I even created a bunny palace under the tree using the fabric and the boxes we have to use so that the presents aren't loved by Suki before we give them out!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Thursday night, COUNTING DOWN

So tomorrow is my last day of schol before 5 lovely weeks off. I am mega excited. Like want to cry excited. This year has been sooo difficult with stupid sickness and now it is nearly over and I can relax:) And make things. But not to many things. Because that would be counter productive with the sick thing:)
To celebrate the end of the year I am making too many things! As gifts of course! Go out with a bang:)

I am making these little lovelies from bluetricycle which you can get in her etsy store:) I must say I had to be a little creative as I bought the wrong cd cases and so now my paper is too fat for the paper space and I have to bulldog clip them on with cute mini bulldog clips... which are pink so it is ok:) These are for my friends at school, my teacher friends. Although they don't know yet so I hope they don't read this! They won't... I think I am the only one reading this...:)

I am also writing cute cards using this template from littlebrownpen which you can also get in his etsy store... I am hoping I can find my string and it will all go together nicely:)

I also joined the etsy DUST team (down under street team) because they seem super friendly, and I like new friends! YAY!

Bring on tomorrow and the egg and bacon brekkie and the christmas lunch and the going out for tea... so much for wedding body with no tuck shop arms! Hehe:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Neeeearly there...:)

It is Tuesday night. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Then like 5 weeks of holidays! YAY! Paid holidays:) This is my favourite week of school usually. So chilled out... activities week and all... I am running a craft activity on Thursday. But usually we would just do our catch up work during the day and go out for lunch... but this week, no such luck because my good friend lunch buddy has been sick! I did get to go out to lunch Monday though... delicious risotto! My favourite.

I spent last week wrapping little gifts for my home group kids - I had a helper - here she is -

So helpful.... but afterwards you just need to relax. Mega relax.

These are some presents I have made for some friends. I am experimenting with frills:) They are so girly cute!

I find more of my inspiration from the materials I have around my house! Here are some of my vintage buttons. I love them:) I have to sort them into a spectrum. I can't help it. My derwents are also in perfect number/colour order. You would never guess looking at the state of my linen closet. That might be a holiday job:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

A beautiful helpful baby girl:)

I have been so busy lately coming up to christmas with my etsy store making custom laptop sleeves and other things and I have had to move back into my craft room with all my stuff because we have a couple of new housemates... it's not polite to cover the whole house with fabric, cotton bits and wool when you are sharing your house with people who don't benefit from crafting:)

So back in the craft room i go! Problem being... my desk is too covered with stuff to actually use! Luckily I have a sweet Japanese sewing machine and it has no foot pedal, just a button on and off. And a speed slider! So I am working on the floor... with my sewing machine on a cardboard box... under the desk... I actually quite enjoy it! My stuff is always just in reach, I can lay stuff out... it's all good... and Suki is LOVING IT! She thinks that I am watching out for predators so she is free to lay about and concentrate on getting the most kisses possible.

As you can see... she likes to demand attention... just sit on what ever I am using... fabrics.. yep comfy as. And as you can imagine it is difficult to use the scissors or pin as a lovely mini lop makes out with your hands. She is soo helpful:)

I love her:) We are going to go finish more etsy orders... complete with bunny love. Like actually made with bunny love... :)
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