Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Today was a lovely day:)

Today I woke up to a message inviting me out for a hot chocolate at my favourite local hot chocolate location Biscottini. It has what I would descibe as the BEST hot chocolate in Mornington. Which is quite the cafe town!:)

Then I went for a walk along the Marina with my Mum and Dad. Then straight to the cafe! I caved in the hot weather and had a delicious iced chocolate! Yum.

I came home and made this bag and popped it in my etsy store.

I am trying to get through my stash of special fabrics before I buy anymore fabrics! And of course..... I must buy more... more fabric... i want it. i must have it. But this is my exploding fabric stash... exploding out into the room. I wish i had my normal fabric storage which is much neater and nicer looking than my bookshelf stuffed with fabric!


  1. Glad you had a lovely chocolatey day! Happy New Year. Have fun with your fabric stash . . . looks great. Cathy

  2. What a girl - Can have Iced Chocolate, A lovely day out and still have time to make a truly spectacular bag....You rock alanna


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