Wednesday, January 27, 2010

iPhone cozy WINNER!:)

And the winner as chosen by the honourable chooser Suki-La - Inkie-Mumma! YAY!!!:)
Here is the super professional and totally random process! Only made possible by the rabbit drawing the winner out of a hat... who can not read.. and therefore is best! hehe See the nibble marks??

The Judge.... looking all judgey chooser.

Judgey chooser behaving in a not entirely interested manner... more interested in napping in afternoon sun...

Judgey Chooser indulges in snuffling in hat.

Winner is chosen!!

Judgey Chooser Suki-La presenting the winner! YAY! Success! hehe


  1. Alanna that, hands down, is the best competition drawing I've ever witnessed! Yaaaay to Suki! Clever bunny...

  2. hahahah sooooo cute! i want another competition again!!! just to see pics of suki being a judge again!!! xoxoxox

  3. Cuuute! Next time we can bribe her :)

  4. probably... just attach some chives to your entry... hehe:)

  5. Hey it is really very cute puppy. I like the story on it here. Thanks for sharing and it is interesting too. I am new but knowing Australian people is very easy as they are to moody by nature.
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  6. yay the bunny loves me! Probably knew I was due to be getting a couple! Can't wait to see some more of your beautiful work in person ;)

  7. Ha ha that is fantastic! Love it.


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