Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Winner of the Vintage Kimono Clutch!

YAY! The day has finally come!! The winner was Angelene! YAY! hehe:) The vintage kimono clutch will go in the post for you tomorrow lovely Angelene!

Unfortunately Miss Suki-La was not happy to do the draw. She was napping and then someon rudely thrust a smelly old hat full of paper bit and expected her to nibble! "This is not delicious banana!" She exclaimed and ran off to investigate the felt fortune cookie that had fallen on the floor behind the couch... May be it was a reaction to the crazy orange towel replacing her normal rug that is getting a wash?
Therefore I had to do the draw... which isn't nearly as excting I must admit.

YAY for Ange:)
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I would like to live here please!

From here.
From here.

Any of those would do my treehouse dream well... hehe I don't think Suki would like it though... oh well I can dream...

Oh my. That is sweet :)

Ohhh my favourite item! Bunnies! Suki is having a big drink as we speak.

And vintage cameras. I have a collection, did you know? It is only 3... but they all work...can't wait to get my darkroom back!:) All three are a bit similar to this one but they are of course all completely different! May be I will show you one day:) Right now all my camera babies are packed away!

Both pics from here.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I made some new pj pants:)

I love pyjamas. I made some for me. I have had the fabric waiting for months and last night i decided it was time. So here they are. They are the MOST comfy pj pants ever... I am not going to lie. I am wearing them right now at 3.28 in the afternoon. It's not even close to get up or go to sleep time.

3 other people have experienced the joy of my pj pants... as in they tried them on! Every single person now needs a pair, men and lady! They are so swishy and comfy! And perfect for the tall people! Look they cover my feet! Keep the ankles warm! I must make more!!:)

PJ pants. I want to wear you to work.

Birthday in the city:) Nice view huh?

My friends and I went up to the city for a night for Ty's birthday! We stayed in a big 3 bedroom apartment in the Docklands and this was our view:) I couldn't stand near the edge.... 19th floor freaks my out!And yummy chinese for tea:)

Goodluck with the chopstick learning Ty and Chel! hehe:)
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Valentines felt fortune cookies:) Awwww:)

Using a tutorial found here, I made some felt fortune cookies! Although i did adjust the materials and pattern a little... and my version could do with some more refining I think, but how many felt fortune cookies does a girl need? 2 jars? Probably enough:) I am going to make some more for my workmates to brighten up their valentines day:) And my sister. Because I found out she reads my blog. She asked me if I realised how many spelling mistakes there was. Suggested I should read my posts before I post them... hmm hehe:) Now I am all nervous.

Anyway super quick and easy valentines day project if you are feeling up to it! hehe Make sure your cotton is the right colour. They look much better with the correct cotton colour... as do most things...:)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentines day is coming up..

Usually I don't celebrate it at all... but I really like making yummy things and if I give them to Al he will let me eat them too. hehe:) AND on a non-selfish note I found this super cute printable card! You can get it here and the envelope as well!

Super organised. And print it on the day if you forget!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Summer night at the beach...

From here:)

I love summer. I love going to the beach after work. Makes me feel like I am on holidays all the time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My favourite after work past time:)

I like to sit here... with Suki running in the garden, on my chair... with a table... and on the table....

My granny square rug.. in progress...
It is my first ever try at crochet:) Eventually it will be a giant rug... give me a few years... because if you are going to make a rug you might as well make a good sized rug!:)
And one of my succulent babies all dressed up in her tea cup:)

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