Friday, January 1, 2010

Packages! New mail!

Yay! I love a new package in the mail! hehe
These are two of the packages that arrived in my mail box in the last few days!

First was the lovely giveaway prize that arrived in my mailbox from Viv at ishandchi and of course dandi who made them! I have them in my craft room sitting on my shelf but I don't think that is where they will permanently live! I am of course working on using the materials in my craft room so I can streamline the moving process - i have two more house move in the next ..oooooo 7 months or so??

But before the school holidays while the dollar was good i thought i should invest in some fabrics and get them sent from the US where they are nice and cheap... this is them! They are soo pretty:)
I can wait to finish the custom job i am working on right now so I can start using all my fabrics!:)


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your new fabrics!! they look great :) and I love your giveways!! how cute are they!!?

  2. oh you won those! wow!
    oh and nice stash!

  3. So glad they arrived safely and such a cute photo of them. Congratulations again :) xx


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