Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Friends for Breakfast!

We had friends for breakfast:) I understand that my watching of martha stewart is in direct correlation with my table decorating and food preparation.

Watch out Nigella. I made your chocolate croissants. They were good! And so easy. Here is a link to her recipe (so easy).

And thanks Rach at PinkLizzySews for her Strawberry Granita Recipe! Here is the link to that....
May be try putting your glasses in the fridge before you pop the granita in on a hot day... otherwise your glasses can crack! (Hot tip!):)

This was our menu for the morning -

Strawberry Granita
Bircher Muesli
Chocolate Mini Croissants
Hash Browns

We also has strawberry smoothies but we didn't make that.... toooo full!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Holiday catch up! So many things! Sooo little time!

I am on holidays and I still seem to be rushing around!

But i thought i would show you what we have been upto lately! And let you see my completed christmas pudding! There it is. It tasted pretty good too if i do say so myself!

BUT! Before that on the 22nd of December it was my beautiful baby's 4th birthday! And she was soo lucky. I managed to grow a lawn cake for her! YAY! Although she didn't seem to love it at first she then got into it. Literally. Since then she has been having lovely naps in her delicious grass cake.

Then! We had Christmas Day. We had breakfast at our house! Must say we are having to have a second breakfast tomorrow to finish up all the food! Here is the setting and my beautiful niece in her Christmas outfit i made for her:) She could not stop prancing in it. Which just made my day to know i had made her happy for the day:) We also made the tutu so it could grow with her:)
There may be a similar tutu coming up in a give away right here! So stay tuned!

Then here we have a lovely time with my friends. We all have the same week off! This is like the fisrt time since we were all at high school! Luckily 3 of us are teachers so i think that has helped:) But it is lovely to be able to do stuff all together this week!:) They are coming for breakfast tomorrow morning and i am so excited:) But here we were at Flinders beach where I grew up and then we went and had breakfast in the Cafe next to the post office - not sure what the name is... but we chose that one because it used to be my house when i was a kid! Dad renovated it all and then the current owners bought it and cut some holes in the walls and made it a cafe!
It was good food there! They did forget the drinks but were super quick once alerted!:)

So how was your christmas? Are you on holidays?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas!

I know. It's a little late. But I had to work! Now i am on holidays and it feels a little more christmasy! hehe
So here you can see my Christmas time cupcakes in the fridge in their cupcake box... they are surprisingly coffee and nutmeg flavoured.... and if you use your imagination you can see that the icing is a bit like a christmas tree? Wellll that is what i was aiming for!!

And my pud. there it is! only... ooooo about 5 hours of boiling to go.... i haven't even eaten that recipe before so i hope it tastes ok....

And yes. that is the car in the driveway. yes. you can see straight into the house from the street through the splash back.... no nude cooking... well not with the inside lights on!
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