Saturday, January 16, 2010

What have you been up to?

It has been very hot. So we spent 4 nights down at the boat shed... unfortunately tourism is up 25% on the Mornington Peninsula and I believe all of the extra 25% have decided to park their beach selves infront of the boatshed.... and then at the fish and chip shop at dinner time...

I babysat my lovely niece. Who is just starting toilet training. Of course this means she gets new undies. 7 Pairs. These must alllll be worn at once!

Nerd Al and his friends went brew their own beer at Barleycorn Brewery. They have made the "Asapi (yes that is correct) Super Dry" which they can bottle next week end! ... After brewing their beer they went go karting! Nerd Al won the fastest lap... he was proud. I was the designated driver.... and still had a lovely time:)

And I cut up many onions to make a delicious caramelised onion, bacon and potato salad for my sisters 30th birthday dinner:) Happy OLD lady birthday! hehe!

Other than that... there has been some sitting down... and some working and my new project! May be I will show you that tomorrow:)
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  1. numnumnum caramelised onion, bacon and potato. yes, recipe please!

  2. Hi,
    Seriously the best potato salad ever!
    But I am not sure about calling me OLD!
    Love C


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