Sunday, January 24, 2010

Last week of the holidays...

Oh what a lovely week. Starting off with seeing a brand new foal, only 4 days old! And then the giant horse Justice who was quite stampy... but also quite the licker. Can you see his tongue?? Trying to lick Al.. hehe
Then I made clutches out of vintage Japanese Obi material. Obis are the thing that goes around the middle of the kimono. They are stronger fabric:) I got lots of metallic obis to make clutches out of:)
Of course we went to Barleycorn Brewery again to bottle Al's birthday beer. Which has been deemed a success! And they will do it again! What fun hehe:)
I spent today eating delicious blueberries and replanting my succulent babies into bigger pots and growing new roots on little baby succulents!
I also found a flower on my strawberry plants! My friend Lenny showed us how to pollenate the flower and now we are super excited for a strawberry to grow! I also repotted my tomatoes, so hopefully they will be way happier in their new home!

And of course I hung out with my bunny:) Suki-la! Chillaxing on the couch. What a dag. She thinks she is human.
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