Sunday, January 3, 2010

Developing a Green Thumb...

It's true. It's very strange. I have developed somewhat of a green thumb. Mum says it runs in the family... I don't know about this! I think you just want what you can't have! hehe because we are renting I can't really plant anything and the garden consists of some grasses and a fig tree and some palm type tree! And a lot of lovely decking and a shed and some gravel.

So I seem to have taken up putting stuff in pots and growing things! I have taken a few pictures because i am ridiculously excited about the lettuce, basil and coriander seeds i planted on Christmas day which are ALREADY coming out! The chives are a little slower and haven't come out....

Mixed Lettuce...
Coriander (nerd al hates coriander!)

And my beautiful strawberries in their special hangy planter thingy... 9 plants. All still living.

I scored these baby tomato plants at the end of the year from school. The school where I teach has a farm where the kids learn about agriculture and horticulture. Someone didn't want their tomato plants so I got them!! I haven't replanted them yet.. but one is growing 3 tomatoes! YAY! They are supposed to be Roma tomatoes.

And my succulents:) My babies. These are some I have replanted in some vintage teacups!:)

And that is some of my garden!


  1. I have cacti growing in old coffee cups!! We also have 4 different sorts of strawberries growing in the one of those hangers, as well as eggplants and tomatoes in pots. There are 3 ballerina apples, a citrus tree and a stone fruit tree, all in pots too. Who said you can't have a garden when you rent!! :)

  2. gorgeous! I love the succulents in the vintage crokery!

  3. waaahhh! you've been busy! and that's alot of tea cups!!! far out! like a succulent tea party in alice in wonderland hehe!

  4. ooh, love the succulents in the tea cups :)


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