Monday, April 26, 2010

Building furniture.. YAY!

So..... I found an AWESOME website . When i found it I tried to call everyone I knew who would care... no one answered... but that was ok! I got busy choosing the first thing I would build!

After buying a station wagon it was the perfect opportunity to fold down the seats and put wood in the back! Unfortunately the bunnings man cut the wood incorrectly! But its all good... just meant my shelves were a little bit longer and a little bit shorter...
Here is Suki checking out the supplies... she is intrigued...

So there was some man help... Al's Dad instructed us on the first set of shelves... the amount of wood made two! So I made the second set on my own!

Suki was impressed. She had a go of sitting on both levels. You can see here we added a cross bar thingy to stop the wibble wobbles... The next set I had a go at not using the cross brace... it seems ok... Father in law may be doesn't agree...

And finished! Sanded filled, primed and painted! And already it has gone to my sister's new bubby's room:) And she is filling them with fabric boxes to keep stuff in:) And my second set... is still nude of paint... but in use.. so that is ok:)
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Easter holidays.... ahhhh

I had lazy holidays over easter.... only 1 night camping! And the rest just organising my world (moving again...) and baby sitting my lovely niece... and playing with my lovely bunny:)

I like to think I am a good aunty... not only do we go to the park, we go in our raincoat and gumboots and I will wear funny costumes for photos.

Bunny... she has been having a lovely time in our current accomodation... lots of lay down time in various locations... You can see her smiling in the second from the bottom right picture... hehe... nice toothy pegs!
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Friday, April 9, 2010

When you know you have over crafted...

Pic form here.

I never knew i could do it... I have over crafted my new house room... I got a bit over excited... pics later today:)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is what I wake up to every morning....

Pic from here.

My bun bun, Suki-La, is in a particularly high state of neediness today and is being quite the rat bag... but this morning started off like any other... with a little face EXTREMELY similar to the one above.... a little face that has been waiting all night and couldn't cope any more with the waiting for pats. Waking up her family with a touch of whisker face and head butting for pats...
My favourite bunny view:)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is my type of party...

I love eating outside in the garden:) I would love to put fariy lights in a tree and have a lovely table set underneath:)
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