Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Excitement! And cupcakes:)

I mentioned in the etsy Dust Team forum that I was a loser with no followers in my blog except for myself... and they are such lovelies that they have all joined me!
And written comments! I am just so excited!
I love you all!:)
I don't actually have much to show anyone today... except may be... some delicious cupcakes... and they were very delicious despite being mostly full of icing:) They were delicious white chocolate mudcakes with a white chocolate ganache... I'm not good at making these ones.. they are not as foolproof as my chocolate flourless mudcakes... But this is the cupcakes story...

So I decided to impress my mum's side of the family over christmas with my baking wonder... and I thought must try something new... I took the chocolate mud cakes last year... so white chocolate mudcake yes. Sounds good. Or not.
This is what happened when I took them out of the oven to cool-

Those above one could not be saved with my ganache.. as it is super runny... but these -

I just thought I would fix them with these ganache ingredients... just really fill them up... no one would know how ugly they were under the ganache? Right.. Right?

Well you would think so... until I realised they were actually mostly hollow and the ganache got sucked into all the gaps and I could actually see the pink icing all through my delicious cupcakes, through the lovely robert gordan cupcake paper things... they look ok.. although these are the best ones... but you can also see the more manky good ones...

Manky ones -

Needless to say they didn't go to family christmas... my 50 cupcakes in various states of icedness were distributed between my sister, my mum and my fiances work mates...

Oh well.. they tasted good still... but I love icing:) If you are after this recipe and have some skills in the kitchen beyond boiling spaghetti I would be happy to share:)


  1. oooohhh they look real good! good saving!

  2. I love the icing more than the cupcake, usually. So these would suit me fine!


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