Monday, December 8, 2008

A beautiful helpful baby girl:)

I have been so busy lately coming up to christmas with my etsy store making custom laptop sleeves and other things and I have had to move back into my craft room with all my stuff because we have a couple of new housemates... it's not polite to cover the whole house with fabric, cotton bits and wool when you are sharing your house with people who don't benefit from crafting:)

So back in the craft room i go! Problem being... my desk is too covered with stuff to actually use! Luckily I have a sweet Japanese sewing machine and it has no foot pedal, just a button on and off. And a speed slider! So I am working on the floor... with my sewing machine on a cardboard box... under the desk... I actually quite enjoy it! My stuff is always just in reach, I can lay stuff out... it's all good... and Suki is LOVING IT! She thinks that I am watching out for predators so she is free to lay about and concentrate on getting the most kisses possible.

As you can see... she likes to demand attention... just sit on what ever I am using... fabrics.. yep comfy as. And as you can imagine it is difficult to use the scissors or pin as a lovely mini lop makes out with your hands. She is soo helpful:)

I love her:) We are going to go finish more etsy orders... complete with bunny love. Like actually made with bunny love... :)

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