Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's Thursday night, COUNTING DOWN

So tomorrow is my last day of schol before 5 lovely weeks off. I am mega excited. Like want to cry excited. This year has been sooo difficult with stupid sickness and now it is nearly over and I can relax:) And make things. But not to many things. Because that would be counter productive with the sick thing:)
To celebrate the end of the year I am making too many things! As gifts of course! Go out with a bang:)

I am making these little lovelies from bluetricycle which you can get in her etsy store:) I must say I had to be a little creative as I bought the wrong cd cases and so now my paper is too fat for the paper space and I have to bulldog clip them on with cute mini bulldog clips... which are pink so it is ok:) These are for my friends at school, my teacher friends. Although they don't know yet so I hope they don't read this! They won't... I think I am the only one reading this...:)

I am also writing cute cards using this template from littlebrownpen which you can also get in his etsy store... I am hoping I can find my string and it will all go together nicely:)

I also joined the etsy DUST team (down under street team) because they seem super friendly, and I like new friends! YAY!

Bring on tomorrow and the egg and bacon brekkie and the christmas lunch and the going out for tea... so much for wedding body with no tuck shop arms! Hehe:)

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