Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Neeeearly there...:)

It is Tuesday night. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. Then like 5 weeks of holidays! YAY! Paid holidays:) This is my favourite week of school usually. So chilled out... activities week and all... I am running a craft activity on Thursday. But usually we would just do our catch up work during the day and go out for lunch... but this week, no such luck because my good friend lunch buddy has been sick! I did get to go out to lunch Monday though... delicious risotto! My favourite.

I spent last week wrapping little gifts for my home group kids - I had a helper - here she is -

So helpful.... but afterwards you just need to relax. Mega relax.

These are some presents I have made for some friends. I am experimenting with frills:) They are so girly cute!

I find more of my inspiration from the materials I have around my house! Here are some of my vintage buttons. I love them:) I have to sort them into a spectrum. I can't help it. My derwents are also in perfect number/colour order. You would never guess looking at the state of my linen closet. That might be a holiday job:)


  1. Lucky friends...those little purses are adorable, and Oh!!that bunny! :)...Hope you had a gorgeous christmas...

  2. Your bunny is just adorable :) Don't you love school holidays? Best part about being a teacher!! Leaves us lots of time for crafty stuff :)

  3. SO CUTE!!! I want one :) Not sure what kitty would think though....
    xx vintageprincipessa

  4. Gad! ure bunny is so friggin cute!


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