Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New year:)

What resolutions should I aim for thsi year?

WELL! According to all these people this is apparently my BIGGEST year.. because I am getting married... here .... Glen Harrow Cottages in Belgrave, behind Puffing Billy.

And although that is all very exciting and as it comes closer I am more excited. Unlike mum who is now a little bit panicing... but I don't really know that it makes it my biggest year... I mean I have been with Nerd Al for 12 years now!

May be it is my brother-in-law's sister's year? She got engaged last night. Congratulations:) All very lovely on their anniversary with her Nana's wedding ring. Lovely Lovely.

But I think this year I am going to work on de-cluttering:) De-cluttering everything! My house, my brain, my supplies, my wardrobe, my superannuation funds (that's right MULTIPLE). I am planning to streamline... streamline everything! Including myself! Hehehe that's my resolution. Organise to be more together:)

Let's just see how that goes:)

Hehehe there goes my dinner in the microwave - my plan to streamline begins! Lite 'n' easy for dinner:)

I made this today, not for me. For KatelynG! I like the button and colours:)

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  1. Glen Harrow is gorgeous, so nice. My boyfriends parents live so close to there, and they have peacocks from Glen Harrow wandering through their garden all the time. It'll be lovely!

    Pretty bag too :)


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