Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oh its reeeallly early:)

It's really early for a Saturday morning... it is ... 7.30... but in light of my recent going to bed at 7.30-8pm the last two nights I think its ok... I hate going to bed. I'm like small child. I just want to stay up and play with my toys. But recently my arms and legs pain has been forcing mw to be an adult:( But luckily my lovely fiance comes and sits on the bed and plays his laptop while I try to go to sleep:) What a lovely boy:)
So now that I am up early, I am super excited to make things! I want to make something from this book -
It is the best ever book. Well its is equally as good as the first one actually... which is just called Softies. This is the one that has the pattern for the doll my student made in the last post.

So better go make the most of this being up early business and make some things:)

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