Friday, October 31, 2008

Home alone!

I am home alone:) I love to be home alone:) I love my fiance to be here too obviously, but sometimes I love to be home alone:)
Although tonight is halloween and I did forget to get any halloween treats for trick or treaters. It's not a big holiday here in Australia, very few people actually do anything, but there is a new family at the end of my block and they do have kids... hmmm may be an excuse for chocolate purchasing:) Especially when I am home alone and can eat my chocolate freely without that pesky sharing!

My plans for home alone time are to...

1. Finish the pair of booties I have made and list them on etsy.
2. Tidy the kitchen.
3. Continue working on a custom make up bag that is reallly confusing me (I will do it though).
4. Watch Harry Potter, the second movie, it's on tv tonight.
5. Sand some resin while watching Harry Potter in preparation for the upcoming exhibition and to send to the store allll the way over in Palm Beach, Florida.

What I would really like to know though is how to achieve a shine like this in my resin -

This beautiful design is by jasminescott (so is the photo!), she sells these here through etsy. I love her rings, they are just beautiful and I are in awe of her ability to make them so shiney.
I have been making resin for YEARS and I have never achieved this level of shine:)
I love the colour use in this one too, Jasmine says it was inspired by nature and I really think you can tell. It reminds me of spores... like in slow motion in a nature documentary... :)

Anyway enough of my procrastinating. I need to go and try and make my resin this shiney.

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