Thursday, October 30, 2008

The truth about my cupcakes....

At my work I am known as the maker of excellent cupcakes. I won't lie. They taste awesome. Judgements on my future as a successful wife are made on the deliciousness of these cupcakes. Apparently one day I will make a man very happy.

This is beside the point, because I already have a man and my cooking skills are NOT making him happy. Well let me clarify... he is not uphappy so much as probably a little malnourished...

The gluten-free chocolate mud cupcakes slathered with the vanilla buttercream icing are delicious, BUT IT IS NOT MY COOKING SKILLS. I have tried to burn them, I have tried to undercook them. It's hard to go wrong with a recipe that is made up of 400gms dark cooking chocolate, caster sugar, butter, almond meal, 10 eggs, vanilla extract. That's it. My big secret that I try to tell everyone.

Sometimes I wish I had never discovered this recipe... I feel so much pressure. Every time we have a staff morning tea people rock up with their packet of bickies they picked up at the servo on the way to work, I turn up trying to juggle my laptop, giant handbag and two massive tupperware containers filled with the cupcakes. As I walk through the carpark I hear the whisperings, "Is that the cupcakes?" "Better get there early for the cupcakes..." "Can you grab me one of those cupcakes at morning tea?".... And as I get into the staff room I hide them under the chairs so as not to attract attention to the gleaming icing decorations.

BUT the problem arises! 10 eggs and 400 grams of dark chocolate doesn't come cheap. And the HOURS it takes me to make the cupcakes, the dishes, the getting up an hour early in the morning to ice them, the starving fiance who is once again going without dinner, just so these cupcakes can grace the mouths of 26 lucky people. Usually not me. Sometimes I'm not even at the morning tea.

So tomorrow is the SECOND morning tea I am having to supply food for this week. And there will be NO cupcakes. I will no longer buy my ingredients only to sit on the kitchen floor crying about betty crocker being on sale! You spend 5 hours making cupcakes for an institution that can not supply a constant running water!

Anyway so I am making "Betty Crocker no cook fudge" and "gluten-free lemon slice" from a box.

Because secretly now that I made the awesome cupcakes it doesn't matter what I make because everyone thinks I can cook. I made overflowing burnt Betty Crocker muffins and people raved.

Just don't check my freezer because that is where all the frozen pizza is. That's what's for dinner.

If I was in Ontario this is what I would take to morning tea tomorrow.

These Nutty Chocolate rolls are made by the lovely Kindlytreats on etsy, this is her beautiful photo! Such definition:) I could eat it out of the screen. Her shop is here... i'm drooling just thinking about it:)

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  1. Well, well, well. Malnourished is right, I'm literally fading away.

    Hurrah! She has seen the light and thrashed violently against the institution that I have grown to loathe.

    Running water and electricity are absolutely pre-requisites for generating Mud Cupcakes...

    love your work.


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