Monday, October 27, 2008

The Weekend of 16 things...

So it is actually the day after the second weekend of the same 16 things...
these are the 16 things I am making as etsy custom orders.

2 Portable dvd bags
2 Hip pouches
2 Breast feeding coverup
2 Dresses
1 Handbag that I can start
1 Handbag that I can't start
1 Make up case
1 Fixing a dress
1 I touch cover
1 Blackberry curve pouch
1 Diaper/nappy clutch
1 Felt Brooch

Oooo may be I spread myself a little thin there with the whole writing reports and writing out a plan for my new senior classes that start next week... but is ok... here are some of the things I have finished already by the end of the second weekend of 16 things...

Don't you just love that russian doll fabric?? I bought it from this etsy store - From japan with love, they have such a great selection of all different fabrics and stickers:) And other things:) But that was what I got:)

Many more things were made... I will have to show you them soon!!

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