Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh so long...

I have just found something that I really want to make... obviously the weekend of 16 things (16 things I have to make for etsy custom orders) has really spilled out into the three weekends of 16 things to make, it is really cutting into my making things for me time... also the whole wedding plans... and the whole full time job thing...
Wait I am just so lazy I think... although I must say I now have a work blog specifically for my fulltime job, being a teacher means I have to learn new things... and the lovely ICT lady has set up a program where I can learn to use web 2.0 in my classroom, the redback project. Yes that is a lovely aussie spider... its bitey:)
So I have another blog... 2 actually and a wiki... oh just so much excitement!

But I have been letting this one go by the wayside. So we much catch up... another time... I still have like 6 more things to make...

But this is what I want to make!

And this is the link to the instructions... here:) At Orange Flower Sketch book blog... I already love what I see on this blog - the writer uses it like her own personal sketch book, I really love that idea and may use it myself... somewhere:)

Now I am going to use it in my craft room for all those fiddly things that need a home but just never seem to go anywhere?? It is going to be super cute... with lots of them all in a row... Oh it will be so organised.... now if I could just find time to make them:)

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