Saturday, November 1, 2008

The day after..

The day after the evening of sanding and polishing. Oh how do you feel you ask? Well I was home alone after all which is a little exciting, but due to the excessive time frame that was required to sand and polish my resin I couldn''t even eat any chocolate! Resin dust is very bad for you so you have to sand with wet and dry sand paper, and obviously water, to minimize the dust. So despite having the wrinkly pruney hands of someone who has been in the bath all day, your hands are covered in a fine film of resin dust. Which of course being really bad for you... you probably shouldn't eat.
So I now have three of the minimum of 11 bangles I need to fill my current resin order - I would like more for the exhibition so I can do some kind of "set" work with matching pieces but of course I will have to see how I go:)
I guess i'm just not as productive as I had planned. My morning was also taken up with investigating cat proof fencing... not to keep my cat in but to keep a neighbour's cat out. Don't get me wrong I love cats, I used to have one. But they love the delicious taste of my housebunny when she is free in the yard... and with the council imposed 24 hour cat curfew mu bunny should be safe! But not from this cat... it has a sneaky skill of walking so its neck bell doesn't ring.. Ohh it made me angry. And a little sad:( Will have to be more careful about letting bunny free in the backyard!

Anyway this is my resin that I spent HOURS sanding and polishing. HOURS.

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