Thursday, October 30, 2008


I love making booties, they are my best. I love to knit them because they are always so little and cute, and because they are so little and cute you don't get bored of the colours and your don't get bored of the design! These are some booties I make and sell on my etsy site and wholesale so I am ALWAYS making them:) Today I am making a pair in the lightest baby pink with a sweet white top:) They are going to be super cute! These are my most popular colours though, everyone loves the brown:) Or to be more correct and fancy - Latte:) Apparently coffee sells things:)

I wanted to put in a favourite thing that I found from etsy today!
I love this card and I really want to use it for my wedding invites!

They are made by the designers Pocketstudio, who work from "under some stairs in London", coming from a one storey house in Australia I didn't know you could have a studio under the stairs... so they get credit for that as well:) You can see their store here. You should have a look:)

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