Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Kitch!

This is what we moved in to this house with.... OBVIOUSLY in need of soooooo much work... not only in the cleaning stakes.. also the cupboard door stakes!! See that bottle of bleach? It got used... On the kitchen... still not clean.
Luckily the kitchen is now COMPLETELY gone! And today the floors are tiled (thanks Luey and Ron!) and the cupboards and oven are all ready to go in! YAY! Today! YAY! Of course it won't be finished today... Don't get too excited... But it will be a lot closer than this! hehe

Of course the weird ugly oil and filth coated curtain went away straight after this picture...


  1. We had those little brown tiles on our bathroom floor when I was a kid! Glad your new kitchen is nearly ready and can't wait to see more photos


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