Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You can't tell me it's not the cutest thing in the world...

This is my Suki-La. When she was a baby... 8 weeks. How could you not fall in love with her?? hehe Check out how tiny she was!! She had to be held in a towel.. she didn't have erm.. great bladder control - she was a teeny baby!
Now she is coming up to 4 years old!


  1. If you ever go on holidays and need someone to babysit her... ( nevermind the fact that I'm in Sydney)

  2. holy moly how cute, espesh the bottom left hand corner photo.

  3. Totally, ridiculously cute! I so want a pet bunny but I'm afraid my two mini-dachshunds might chomp on it...

  4. lil towel bunny! ooooh! look how short my hair was there! lol sweet lil baby suka la! she was so light then and remember how soft she was?


  5. Hi found you via BYW.
    Suki is the sweetest bunny.
    I had a little lop bunny named Giffed.

  6. Ok Alanna....SERIOUSLY. I've been wanting a cat... I LOVE CATS. But I recently talked my husband into letting me get a bird and he doesn't think the two will like each other (Well he's probably right). BUT A BUNNY!?!? This might be the perfect solution to my need for something fluffy to sit in my lap!!! AH!

  7. Could be! My bunny loves to sit on laps:) And gives so many kisses:) I'm allergic to cats - my family used to have a Siamese! But I would say my lovely bunny is just as interactive as my kitty cat was:) Plus she is super cute:)


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