Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cutie Booties:)

I decided today that I needed to use up some of the annoying bits of fabric you end up with after making big things! So I decided to have a look in some of my pattern books to find something super cute to make with all the bits and pieces...
And I made these!
I have decided that although i do enjoy this pattern and it was very easy to make, I need to redesign it... It is not how I want it.. I think I can make it better. I am going to take it to my sisters and get her to roadtest it... And then I am going to make it better.

Pattern making here I come!! hehe

I still like them though... I added the button. The original pattern had velcro... button may be a bad idea... I have limited experience with wiggly baby feet... road test will decide:)


  1. Well I think they are really cute! I like the button!

  2. super cute lanny! i like the button too! xx


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