Friday, July 24, 2009

New floor cushion!

I have a great fabric stash... i have many pieces of fabric just waiting to be used... hehe
This floor cushion from the amy butler "gumdrops" pattern did the trick on two bits! And on a few bags of stuffing! Which Suki has loved every single piece of...


  1. is this your room? it's soo sweet and i love those floor cushions! You should retail them at shops! hehe. Oh hello suki!! why are you growing cuter and cuter?

  2. soooo cool, hey would wouldn't happen to sell these? Love it!

  3. heh they aren't my pattern so i can't sell them:( but! they are super easy! its amy butlers "gumdrops" pattern... if you can make a miss buttons you can make this!:)

  4. So pretty! Such nice fabric :) And Suki!!

  5. The gum drop cushion looks great! And Suki is so cute!!!


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