Tuesday, August 4, 2009

If you are bored and stuck at work... Jacqui... :)

If you are bored and stuck at work I want to show you one of my favourite blogs! Ishandchi - I can get lost here for HOURS. Literally... And what makes it best is that the writer of the blog - Viv - is just LOVELY! She made a custom pink chandelier print for my friend Andrea's "Ladies Lounge". Is was the best. Who can have a ladies lounge without a pink chandelier print?? You can buy them here in her etsy store!

I love to see Viv's home tranform with awesome ideas and lovely finishes. If only I had a house to tranform! Hmmm may be next June, when if all goes well we will be in our new house... hehe saving up those tips from Ishandchi!

Look at Viv's studio transformation.

Anyone who can do that is a genius in my opinion. Especially when only using things from around the house and her K.Rudd stimulus package! Nice! Love that mobile.

Check it out Jacqui! I know you are reading now:) hehe:) Hope you had a lovely engagement party:)


  1. How cool is that studio! You've been tagged on my blog, it would be super cool if you played along! Thanks ;)

  2. Yo bitch, how are u!;)

    I love how Viv transformed her studio, uhm, i think she has to come around to mine sometime!!

    By the way i made a special video blog post just for u(and me:).

    Enjoy ur weekend.


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