Monday, July 20, 2009

Sneak peak in my craftroom - Storage:)

I love looking in peoples craftrooms and studios. I love it. I can't show you mine right now because it is not operating as a craftroom... it is a bedroom for selling the house.... now that we are sold it can be turned back into a craft room though! YAY! hehe

What i wanted too show you was my super cool storage boxes. They excite me greatly. hehe I love making them and looking at them and carrying them around with my bits and pieces in them.

They are made from this tutorial from Orangeflower Sketchbook. Obviously hers look mega cool... but i like mine too:) and they are the perfect place to peg my cloud pegs...:) hehe


  1. Alanna!! they look so great! such nice fabrics. you are so clever! how cute are those cloud pegs....

  2. I love the bags - so much nicer than boring boxes. Now you just have to remember what is in each one..LOL

  3. They are SO FREAKING CUTE! Mine are just boring boxes from the Reject Shop. I want you to give my studio a makeover.

  4. Lovely baskets, the cloud pegs are making them even more awesome!:D

  5. They're gorgeous Alanna, you have such great style and taste :)

  6. wahhhhhhhhhhhh sooooooooooo nice!!!!!!! you need to make some for your shop too alanna!!! they are so damn sweet!


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