Friday, July 3, 2009

Suki-La the Cushion.

Suki-La is going very strange at the moment... i put it down to stuff moving around.

But she is VERY excited about the fold out couch moving to another room. It is her new favourite place. At first it was the cushions.

Oh my gosh cushions! How exciting are cushions! As you can see Suki enjoyed making tunnels, burrowing and generally getting up to mischief and trying to become one of the cushions. This was until she tore the bottom out of a cushion... that was not ok. So cushions were moved. No more cushion fun...

But as you can see still a great place for a relaxing kip. For most of the day.

Process of lay down -
1. Clear non existant obstacles by digging at ground (to clear prickles and grasses in the wild)
2. Do a full circle twirl.
3. Flop in cleared area.
4. Stretch body
5. Stretch legs in Jane Fonda aerobic style.
6. Relax

May be she needs one of these? But.... umm. without the cat.... you can purchase them from likekittysville on etsy! Suki might need on at our new house!


  1. So Cute, I really want a house bunny.

  2. I want a bunny too! But they're illegal in Qld :( booh.

  3. I think we all need bunnies in our lives :)

    Such a lovely blog deserves a lovely award :)

  4. gahhhhhh!!! are u trying to kill me with cuteness overload? suki is too freaking cute!! ugh! i want to burrow tunnels with her!


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