Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I want. I WANT!

I love this room:)
Although I do think it is just the photo... because I imagine if i slept in that bed I would forever terrified of all the books falling on me... But isn't it such a cozy little nest spot... I can imagine sitting on all those cushions reading a book:) or knitting more likely! hehe

I have a new excitement about bedding... it is ridiculous. I have many lovely doona covers none of which would go with a quilt. And I feel a queen sized quilt is probably a wee bit ambitious for a first try... but i can't help but love the bright pink amy butler quilt on her new pattern dvd... you can try all the different fabrics in the designs and stuff using the program and then you can print out the shopping list... i love a good list...

This picture doesn't show the quilt i want to make... and i probably wouldn't make it in bright pink anyway... don't want to step on any manly toes making the bedroom pink... plus pink is a bit extreme for me... BUT I want that floor cushion too! Nerd al very much dislikes it. Especially the pom poms. Which I a little bit love. hehe Each of those "wedges" is made of 0.5metres of fabric though... and i have many of those just dying to be used in my craftroom... so maybe i will just make it anyway:) Will show you when I have!


  1. The room is lovely, alanna.
    I think it is the warm clours and the eclectic cushions that make it so appealing.
    Waiting,waiting for your quilt!

  2. alanna, i would be scared too...thinking the books may fall on me at night! or if i kick the wall in my sleep!

    but i love the makes me want to curl up on bed to read..or do something intelligent hehe!

  3. Love that room and the pompoms and the the quilts look nice too.
    U have to show us what u made when ure finished!

  4. oooh, that is gorgeous! and my first quilt was a queen size! go for it!

  5. pom poms rock, nerd al just doesn't get it!


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