Sunday, January 16, 2011

This weeks projects... been a busy lady!

This week has been a SUPER busy week!
I have been working hard up up to my sisters birthday because as a crazy lady I decided to make this....

(image from here)

From the So You Think You're Crafty blog tutorials, here is the linky link to part 1, from there you can get to part 2 to make your own knotty delight:)  This was the winning entry from season 5 by KoJo designs:)  Pretty awesome huh??

This one is the one I made for my sister:) As you might notice the squares are smaller, also my bed is smaller... yes that's my queen sized wearing king sized clothes...  It would look different on my sisters bed:) Also although I enjoy this colour I think I would enjoy a gunmetal grey or latte colour... I was somewhat limited by the amount of fabric on the rolls at my favourite fabric store!  So limited that there wasn't enough to make 56 large squares as instructed in the tutorial... I ended up making smaller ones... 80 smaller ones to be exact! That made it the right size:)

Here's a close up:) It was a bit time consuming, lucky my friend Chelsea helped me handsew some squares on a beach day:)  The sewing together 80 squares took me nearly 2 days and attaching it to the backing and wadding by hand took a day too... I had to deviate a bit because my new sewing machine needed some service man love and my old one couldn't love a whole king size item!

I also received a custom order for a kindle cover for my sister - but not gifted by me! Hehe:) My sister requested any fabric I thought would be good, but she did enjoy birds! Hmmm well that's a big decision... I have a good stash of fabrics! So I chose my new favourite velveteen by Anna Maria Horner from her Innocent Crush collection. It's soooo soft and nice and lovely to sew with!

So I had to add some birds on the inside:) I can't remember who made this one... but I love it!

I have to include some super cute photos of my sisters lovely babies:) We had soooo many cuddles, a trip to the park and the boy didn't spew on me today! So that was a bonus!:) 

So today we got on with making the apothecary cabinet... more pics to come for that one! I must reccommend the jersey quilt tutorial! It was so well written and quite simple! It did seem a bit weird as I was making it, but afterwards I seriously considered making my own! Unfortunately my furbaby is obsessed with smoothing and so that quilt would do her poor bunny brain in! I hope you can give it a try!


  1. that quilt is awesome Alanna, hope your sister loves it :)

  2. Alanna that is gorgeous I bet your sister loves it. A lot of work indeed.

  3. I can't believe it only took a week! I absolutely love it. And it looks stunning with the bright red cushion. The kindle cover is gorgeous too, that velveteen is yummy. Lucky sis'!

  4. wow - looks awesome!! well done you!

  5. oh. my. goodness. it is FABULOUS!
    please, please, please add a picture of it to our flickr pool? please? :)

  6. Wow you did an amazing job with the quilt!! Love it!! :) Coming over from kojo to see ya! :)

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  8. Stunning, you have done an amazing job. I'll have to go check that tute.
    X Kerri

  9. HI! You're quilt turned out beautiful! I'm having some trouble with mine, maybe you can tell me what I'm doing wrong?? When I pushed the “pooch of fabric” back through and twisted it, I lost my square edges…Instead of a square with a knot in the middle it looked more like a butterfly with a knot in the middle. Any suggestions about where I went wrong?

    Thanks so much!!

  10. Hi janee!
    The poochy bits will suck in the fabric and make it a weird shape but when you pleat them they will become more square and when you attach them they will become very square! If you are worried because they seem too weird, make the circle you are gathering up smaller - this will have less affect on the overall squareness:)
    I'm sure you quilt will turn out beautifully!
    Alanna xx

  11. Alanna,
    Thank you so much for your reassurance! Just to check one more thing, the pleats you did are just regular pleats right? But you are pleating them before you sew them together? Oh my goodness, I just wanna do it right!! :D
    Thank you thank you for your help!!

  12. I stuck two bits of tape on a table 25cm apart, I chose that measurement because it was the smallest measurement of my butterfly shaped squares:) Then I pleated each one by hand before I sewed that edge to the next one because I found that when I pleated them together and then sewed it the pleats got all combined in a weird way:) It took a long time but I think it was the best way for me:)

  13. Awesome. Thank you so much for all your help!!

    This is a total plug for myself but I'm starting my own blog on monday :) if you wanna stop by!

    Thank you again Alanna!

  14. Just visiting from the SYTYC link party. This quilt is amazing. I've been wanting to make one myself and I think I'm now convinced to use grey. How beautiful.


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