Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mmmm delicious cupcakes for my mum:)

It was my Mum's birthday. Definately a time for special cupcakes. I am rarely given the chance to make delicious cupcakes for my family so I wanted to make something super special:) This is what I came up with after 3 hours of drooling over recipes on the internet....

Snickerdoodle Duo - not only a cupcake but also a cookie! From Bakerella :)  You could make your own... they aren't particularly difficult... but are particularly yummy:)  I didn't use the 7 minute frosting though... I used the marshmallow frosting from the next cupcake:)

This cupcake, although not particularly attractive in these annoyingly see through wrappers, was delicious:) A confetti cupcake with marshmallow frosting for the kiddies:) Try this link for a look at the pretty insides -

They needed candles of course...

Marshmallow frosting isn't very supportive it seems...  But they still worked well enough for a group candle blowing from Mum and her grand babies:) Always the helpful type:)  And after that the eating!

Success! Give them a try! I recommend:)

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