Monday, January 10, 2011

What else is going on at the ghetto??

Well yes... you might ask this question... surely in the 6.5 weeks on holidays you are not just making your sister a birthday present! Especially when you have such a helpful bunny assistant.
No. The task today involved no bunnies.
But it is mainly due to a certain cord eating bunny that this project had to be pursued. Also a certain husband who believes that you can attach anything to the tv and leave it hanging out all over the place...

A new tv unit was in order! Bunny proof! Sufficient for all the TV things! Cord hiding! Pretty! Here is the plans...

We are going to go for a distressed look in neutral tones:) Kind of more like this picture...

So we started with a trip to bunnings and a particularly horrid drive home in the car with a full sheet of MDF because that bunnings doesn't cut MDF.... also must say terrible recommendation on particle board... Bunnings man you were wrong. Particle board is a terrible idea when the ends aren't capped... Use MDF or plywood!
But all the same we will sort it out with a thick primer or something!!

Here are a our materials for part 1 of the plans -

Didn't use all that much stuff... I was surprised...  Next part of the plan only requires the ingredients for the drawers so almost a bargain!:)

This is the bits all cut up for the framework of the cabinet... not tooooo many bits... I'm pretty bad at cutting so if there are too many bits things can go very very wrong...

It was definately a two preson task without the appropriate workbench and clamps... but its nice to build with someone else anyway... as you can see... Alex was very "excited" about building with me... its not really his thing... at all... but when a lady needs building help!! Especially when he realised we would be customising it for easy cord access (for humans not bunnies) he was there!!

This is the first sticking everything together step... the frame now has a top and one side... the drill ran out of batteries so we had to stop for the day... Alex was somewhat concerned about the stability of the framework when combined with the giant tv and all his special items inside... but I believe it will be ok... We will have to investigate later:) When it has two legs...

I can't lie. I am super excited about it.  I am imagining it finished right now. yes. nice. :)

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