Saturday, May 22, 2010

More ghetto fabulous!

More of my ghetto not yet fabulous... hehe this will be my future craftroom... there is Al cleaning the walls... good job Al! hehe They don't look like this anymore...

Al's nerd room! No those are not his Winnie the Pooh curtains... they are now gone too... hehe

Master bedroom... you can tell by the built in wardrobe with no doors... That is now a different colour and no weird blue curtains...

How nice is this bathroom... hehe hmmm.... it looks very similar to this still... although I am now the proud owner of a shower curtain... first ever...

Laundry/ Toilet! Dishwasher in laundry? For sure!


  1. Hey Alanna! Crazy house u got there, must be kinda fun to make it all up, although stressful.

    Like how weird Nerd Al looks with his pink gloves!:D And whats with those tiny ass bathtubs, looks like u'd have to fold up ur man so he can have a bath in them or well he can just bathe his knees.

    Well done on the new house tho.

  2. So who's going to carry the dirty dishes to the dishwashwer in the laundry?! The coloured walls were just so weird...and why would anyone paint the ceiling navy?!?!?!

    Anyway, hope you're having fun fixing up the place to be all pretty!

  3. do want more after pictures lanny!?!

    we did such a good jerb! pats on the backs round! *pat pat*

  4. argh I agree, I hate outdated curtains!! I'd just be happy with white curtains for more light!! Hope you're not overworking with all the reno! xoxox


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