Friday, May 21, 2010

Ghetto Fabulous!

I have moved yet again! Currently we are half in half out all over the place! But this house needs some Bobishi love... it is a beach house built in the early sixties and a man with a 'crazy colour' scheme has been living here for 8 years... I thought you guys might like to come on my redecorating/renovating mission? It is my first painting and renovating experience and as Al isn't particularly excited by painting I am working super hard with ever trusty Luetsy assistant (Al's sister:) ).This is what we are working with....
The entrancey/living/dining room....

Just the hot tip... that is no longer red... and the ceiling is no longer navy... and there are no pelmets and no weirdly scented curtains that at some stage appear to have been on fire.....

Then we go into the kitchen.... which looks the same... but cleaner... but it didn't really help... still looks a bit yucky... of course the curtain set up was the first thing to go... hehe

More tomorrow?
You can see my ghetto bathroom, bedrooms and craft room!:)


  1. So glad your navy ceilings have gone-don't think I could live with that either :))

  2. who paints their ceiling navy? Very strange.

  3. yay! an (almost) black canvas....I'm a teeny bit jealous - I'm sure you'll have a great time. I lurv colour, I could have a ball with that place :)

  4. before and after pictures! weeeeeoooo!!

    lol those pictures dont do it justice. it really was a lot worse than that...

  5. Net curtains drive me completely nutso - good job getting rid of them!!

  6. there are some crazy colours going on there! You've got a tough job ahead on putting lots of bobishi love to it!!


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