Monday, May 3, 2010

I knitted a WHOLE dress...

I started this dress last year... but was discouraged by the excessive amount of knitting in what appears to be 4ply or even smaller.... But last weekend I decided. It has to be done. It is only size 1-2 and my lovely niece is only going to be 1-2 for a few more months! So if she is going to wear it in winter it has to be done now! Plus as I pack up my house for the next move I decided I realllly need to finish some of these projects. So knitting knitting knitting! Until I finished last night!

I used this pattern from pear tree yarn, Mila. But i changed the straps - because it said I could sew them either crossed or uncrossed which would change the length... so I added some length and button holes to the straps and some hand covered buttons:)

I like it.
Excuse the cardboard box background... moving house.


  1. what a darling dress, you're so clever miss A! xoxoxox

  2. really very very cute, i love the colour and the fabric on the buttons!


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