Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first treasury:)

After wondering about treasuries for so long I actually got one today! I made it on the spot using favourites from a mostly wedding related theme because I think both me and my fiance are both now starting to get a bit excited about the wedding:)
So I may blog a little bit about it:) It's just what's happening in my life right now!

This is my treasury from today - I can't wait to make a new one:)
I wanted to explain why i chose the images:)
1. Is from the wonderful seller "hellomyfriend", I made wonderful purchases from her which come BEAUTIFULLY wrapped. Her brand identity is really strong and wonderfully cute:) I love this love heart:) It is super cute!
2. When I first started thinking about my wedding I wanted either me or my bridesmaids to wear these (for the cold dandenongs weather!) but now they don't actually match any of our dresses! But I still love it:)
3. I have been so inspired by myrakim from twigs and honey in her beautiful hair flowers and style, I intend to create hair flowers for my beautiful bridesmaids and myself:) I would have had myrakim's but she seems to be so busy!
4. I love that gorgeous blue and purple dress! It is just so beautiful.
5. I am getting one of lillyella's beautiful bracelets made for my wedding day:) She is designing it specially:) I am realllly excited:) I was in Myer yesterday and we were looking at jewellery to wear - i ended up with hair bling and earrings for the bridesmaids but i couldn't imagine wearing any of the jewellery I saw. But when I saw this one! It was the perfect style:) The designer is planning her own wedding too so that is exciting:)
6. I need to buy some cool lace for my cupcake stand:) This would be perfect!
7. Succulents the same as these are going to be used through out our wedding. Possibly in the bouquets but also on all of the tables in the form of decoration/favour/place card:)
8. I just love this designer and all her dresses:)
9.I look the style of these earrings by realisationcreations. Simple and elegant:)
10. I am wearing silver shoes and using a silver bag:) This one is super cute too:)
11. Again with the succulent thing!
12. This dress was one that I really really loved and I looked for something similar when I was looking for my dress:)

I hope you like my treasury:)


  1. one of the best treasuries EVER!!!! i think your wedding is going to be amazing....

  2. Lovely lovely! I think your choices are delightful, and am honoured to have been chosen as one of your treasured picks! :)

  3. Love the bracelet! Soooo pretty and the blue and purple dress!

  4. You have amazing taste. I can't wait until I see pictures from you wedding to see everything that you put together. Thank you for including me as one of your treasures!

  5. Gorgeous treasury...a work of art in itself!

  6. actually a very good idea!!! i should make wedding related treasuries so that it can help me a bit with planning etc.

    yours is gorgeous...i cant wait to see your real wedding photos!

  7. I see that this treasury is old now but it's stunning. I hope you've created many more since then. You've got an eye for it.


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