Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weird weather!!

Oh the weather is weird today... heaps of rain, which is great because we are in a drought... but a lot of wind... and now it is sunny.... My little Japanese Maple is blowing around like there is no tomorrow.

So I am sitting inside doing all the etsy listings I need to catch up on since I started making resin again! Here is a picture of 4 of my pieces stacked together which is how I like to wear them:) I have a set with lots of different colours which means that I can wear any combination to match whatever I am wearing! Yay! I also like to highlight them with some pearlised pigmentised resin bangles:)

I love the richness of the coppery pearlised pigment... it doesn't match my pasty pale skin though:(
I took these pictures on my lovely "new" antique (although probably not super old) shelf that I got from my local antiques warehouse for just $15! I sanded in back a bit so I didn't get splinters but otherwise left it as it was. I love it:)

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