Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This is problematic...

So obviously this is a problem.... And due to the lack of wardrobe doors in the master bedroom this is what I get to look at when I wake up and go to sleep... Unfortunately our mini wardrobe does not allow for nice wooden coat hangers... they are tooooo bulky!

So I have been working on some of these....

I got the super cute pattern from here... dottie angel blog, one of my all time favourites! And of course when i realised they were called "happy hangers" I knew they would be perfect:)

So now I have a small section of this.....

And obviously that makes me a lot happier than the original! Now when I wake up in the morning and look at my happy hangers... ans it certainly makes me happy:) As does hanging up the washing... i know, you obviously need some too.


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